Monday, December 5, 2011

Secret Santa (a story of great Christianity)

Secret Santa
(a story of great Christianity)

Chapter 1
I don’t know

   One day there was a girl named Allie.  She was having a gift exchange at her school, for Christmas.  Allie didn’t know what to get for another girl.  She decided to go to the store.

    Allie got home from school, and left for the store.  Her mom told her to get a girl some bracelets and nail polish.  So, Allie bought the presents and wrapped them. She felt bracelets and nail polish were NOT good enough presents for a girl. Allie decided to ask her mom and see what she thought.

Chapter 2
How ‘bout you?

“ Allie, I think you should keep that present, the girl would like it.” said Allie’s  mom. She went to her room and thought about the present.  She had an idea.  I know the best gift all, it’s the gift of Jesus! That is what I’m going to give to a girl! 

Chapter 3

    Allie went to school the day of the gift exchange, very excited to give out her present.  “YES!”, thought Allie.  It was finally time for the gift exchange!   Her class was going to play music, and pass the presents around. When the music stopped, the teacher would pick a number for the boys and girls presents and whoever had that number, the person would get to open their present!  So exciting!

The music started….it stopped, a girl got Allie’s present!….Allie got hers!  Allie told the girl who got her present about Jesus!  Jesus died on the cross for our sins….The girl was amazed!

  Allie invited her to church the next week! (her friend’s name was Siara)  Siara became a christian…then saved,  and also baptized. Allie and Siara became great friends. They grew into great believers of God!  They lived happily ever after!


Kristin said...


wow. what grade are you in? your writing is incredible. best i have seen in a long time as a teacher:)

best of all though - is the subject. love the storyline you came up with. it's absolutely perfect.

keep up with the writing. what a gift you have!

much love,
your mom's friend (kristin)

Kari said...

I love your story, Lexi!

As Kristin said in her comment, keep up with the writing! God can certainly use it for His glory!



Miller Racing Family said...

What an amazing story. Jesus is truly the best gift. Thanks for sharing.

christina said...

What an awesome story, Lexi! Keep writing. :)

Leah said...

Love your story, Lexi! You did a great job and I hope you will post more!

Elena said...

That was a great story! I love hearing such inspirational things that like:)